Do It In The Dirt! Friday 11/27/98 Sponsored By:

Stunts Unlimited and United Stuntwomens Assoc.

Can You Help Me Identify the Dirt Bikers Below?

Please e-mail me if you can help me. * The pictures are numbered for Identification purposes, not the racing number in most cases.


Kenny Alexander

Picture #2 ?

Picture #3?

Picture #4?

Picture #5?

Picture #6?

One of Bill Lane's Boys?

Picture #8?
Picture #9?

I think This is Chris Epper

This is Chris Epper too!

Lane? #10

Lane? Picture #11

Ronnie Rondell

Chuck Hicks & Chris?

Scott Wider #44? and #12?

#16 Joey Box ?

Troy Gilbert #14 ?

Two "Experienced Bikers " -

Chuck Hicks & Bill Lane (I don't know how well they did on Bikes, but they sure were good in the Bar Fights!)

Chris Epper & Jim Holly -WINNERS!

More of Epper & Holly

Please Take the time to go to MONTANA SCABBARDS page. This is a scabbard for all Bikes, Motorcycles, ATV & Off Road Vehicles including Wheelchairs. You can take your bow & arrows, guns, fishing poles, golf clubs, tennis racquets etc....
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